Bitpanda metals – Don’t miss out

Bitpanda metals are the single greatest opportunity you are not using right now!

What is Bitpanda metals?

Bitpanda metals is an open market for you to trade precious metals. Gold and silver in particular. All purchases are physically backed with 100% insurance. The gold and silver you purchase is actually real. You are simply trading the digitized rights to the said materials while they are safely stored in a Swiss vault.

What are my fees for trading in metals?

Comparatively to other platforms, the fees are extremely low. You pay a premium of 0.5% for buying and selling gold. On the other hand, you pay 2.5% for buying and 2% for selling silver. As a result, you also pay a weekly storage fee of 0.0125% and 0.025% for gold and silver respectively. The storage fee includes 100% insurance on the materials. These fees are significantly lower than what a bank or a broker will charge you for your materials.

Why am I missing out?

The main reason you are missing out, is the price of gold. For the past 6 months it has been following a strong upward spiral. This is due to national banks buying large quantities of gold to boost their reserves.

The gold price graph of 2018/2019 to be used for Bitpanda metals review

Gold has finally shown signs of slowing down. But the predictions are that it will raise another 10% in the following year. If you invested in gold, like other Bitpanda metals users in 2018, you would’ve reached a 25% margin.

How do I get started?

Before you do, we recommend reading up about Bitpanda and it’s Metals platform.

After that, simply create an account and start trading.

Don’t miss out this amazing opportunity. Bitpanda metals will give you much better return on investment than any deposit in any bank. You can thank us later for the tip!